Friday, 31 December 2010

Day Thirty One - We did it

Last day today *wipes away tear* Still, we'll be back in 11 months time, and until then there's going to be 'frock friday' to keep me on my toes (and in my heels).

Spent today getting the flat clear for a little house party, 32nd dress/skirt (including my wedding dress) worn this month.

Got a bottle of Kahlua with my name on it, as well as the champers, wine, beer and rum/brandy/port to get through. New Years resolution #1 is to get back to a size 10, one of my first thoughts now is 'that means more dresses' - look how dressembering has changed me! ^_^

Denim Skirt - TU
Dress - Boutique
Top & Tights - H&M
Belt - Primark
Boots - Sugar

Day Thirty - New Years Eve Eve

and a bit of a flop, dress-wise. Another to go to the charity bag..

 I remember buying this, back in April, intending to wear it to a gig. Got home and realised how blah it was on. It's too long for dancy fun dress, too short to actually look right. And it makes my boobs look weird. Bad weird.

The only thing to be said for this day is that my hair didn't clash...

Dress & Tights - M&S
Cardi - Primark

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Day Twenty Nine - Next to last skirt..

Only two days left! I am shocked at how fast it's gone, and how much I've enjoyed Dressembering. I have discovered that I have a floofy skirty loving side, just need to dump the crappity unflattering stuff that makes me feel like a haggard bag and get on with wearing the fluffy ditsy quirky stuff that makes me feel bubbly and happy.

Orange Wednesday today, went to see Love And Other Drugs. Chick flick, so wore a girly softy skirt. Probably one of the shortest I've worn, but I think I like it otherwise.

Skirt & Cardi - Primark
Top & Leggings - TU

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Day Twenty Eight - Floral, pink, meh

Only a few days left! I'm so determined to do 31 different dresses/skirts, but I am hating that I have to wear stuff that makes me feel mumsy. Like today. Only seen by family though, which is good because muted pink and florals *really* aren't my thing.
Charity bag.

Dress - a total mystery
Top - H&M
Belt & Cardi - Primark
Shoes - Clarks

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Day Twenty Seven - Slob day

Clearing up post food madness, feeling bloated and yuck and needing to hibernate now! Still in a dress though.

Jumper Dress & Top - TU
Cardi & Tights - H&M

Monday, 27 December 2010

Day Twenty Six - Boxing day

Another day of food and family. Planned to be at the in-laws today, but they have man-flu, so big family get together postponed. Thankfully husbeast had boiled up a ham ready for Monday, so we had food ready, and by 3pm my family were back at ours for more food and sitting in front of the screen. Long skirt and wrap top to accomodate my bloated belly!

Skirt and Top - Nomads
Wraparound top - H&M

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Day Twenty Five - Faerie Christmas

A day of food, family and booze. Dressed up as a faerie. This dress has probably been worn the most this year - to a couple of gigs and during a 5k race for life in Hyde park, and now for cooking Christmas dinner. Or drinking Baileys while watching the husbeast cook it.

Christmas means dressing up, so it was a day of tights, tulle, wig and LOTS of eyeliner.
Neverland Dress - Crazy Occasions
Tights - Voodoo
Shoes (again, last time this year) - Topshop

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Day Twenty Four - Chrimbo Eve.

A day of mooching about making sure we've enough booze, food, chocolate, cheese and TV to last us the next 48 hours. We don't really do Christmas, but we do have a big family meal and watch screen and drink a bit, so we're most of the way there...

Really not loving what I have left, and I am the opposite of practically creative. Think there may be some repeats on the horizon.

Dress - M&Co.
Cardi - Primark
Boots - Ella

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day Twenty Three - Twirling in a maxi skirt

it's not easy. Really thinking the 'no repeats' idea was a bit fail. I feel like a sack in those left to wear, which is probably why I've spent 3 weeks not wearing them.

I'm very certain which skirts are going to be evicted come New Year. Short and froofy or long and floaty is my idea of perfect.

Skirt - Nomads
Top - Nomads
Cardi - Primark
Twirling - nauseating

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day Twenty Two - twirling day

and I've failed to twirl in front of camera. Had the Mr been about to capture my whirlyness, I still would've sucked cos today's dress is as unswirly as a dress can be while not being fitted.

In fact I kinda hate this one, it forces me out of my denial bubble and shows every single lump. If potatoes came in floral patterned sacks....

Indoors day cleaning before doing the last food shop pre-chrimbo. Am out tonight but chucked on some linen trousers under a tee dress. Might find a twirl bar and a coffee and get a pic ;)

Dress - ASOS
Top & Tights - H&M
Belt - eBay
Boots - Sugar
WTF am I wearing? Face - Model's own.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Day Twenty One - Jeans!!

On the train on my way back from my lonely snowy expedition to return our DVD rentals before we get late fees.

So cold that for the first time I've done the jumper dress over jeans thing.

Counted out the remaining skirts/dresses - I have enough to make it to the end of the year, as long as Christmas day is faerie day ^_^

Jumper Dress, Top & Jeans - TU
Cardigan - Primark
Boots - Ella
Scarf - H&M

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Monday, 20 December 2010

Day Twenty - snowball, puffball..

Seriously, 20?! How did we get here? How have I worn 20 skirts/dresses in the last 3 weeks? That's more dresses than I've worn before in living memory, I'm certain. Kids were busily chattering away about 20 being 10 and 10, as they opened their calendars this morning. "Two Tens is like two grown ups. BIG numbers." That's how many dresses. So many that dressember has seen me become a grown up.

Still snowy, so snowy that Blockbuster are letting me keep my rentals for an extra 2 nights fee-free. THAT snowy. Been a homebody today. Dyeing fringe, cleaning bathroom, and sorting the refuse/recycling. Chucked on some thick tights and a puffball skirt to do it in.

A snakeskin effect puffball skirt. Could I be embracing the idea of trying new stuff any more? I'm hugging it so hard, it can't breathe!

Skirt & Cardi - Primark
Top & Tights - H&M
Boots - Sugar

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Day Nineteen - Wedding dress day

It's been over 7 years since I fit into this dress. I was a teeny size 8, 19 years old, and pre 4 kids. Still, Dressember said put it on, so I with some tape, safety pins and a shawl to cover my handiwork, it's on!


Fun day. Fun, fun day. Knew there was no way I'd fit into it - yay for ribbon and pins, eh? After getting these shots, and some mild frostbite in the shoes, I changed into my actual day 19 dress. Turquoise makes Sunday cheery, yes it does.

Dress - Laura Lees for Topshop
Shawl - Primark
3/4 lengths - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

Day Eighteen - Snow Ball

A husband who is a bit reckless.
A father who is a bit boyish about snow.
A ball gown.
A challenge.

Today we took the halflings sledding. The girls had never been before, but were determined to go this year. Last year I kept falling off. I know why now - I was missing the skirts.

So, so cold. Even with 2 pairs of husbands joggers underneath. Bulk aside, I am pretty sure I was the best dressed sledder in the park.

 Dress - Cherlone 
Top - TU
Hat/Scarf - H&M
Gloves - halloween leftovers
Boots - Ella
Sled & Canine companion - my dad's

Friday, 17 December 2010

Day Seventeen. Boob smoshing yuck.

Today was a bit of a bad day. Some bad news on top of feeling run down anyway left me in a funk. Then I put on the dress. It was a cheap eBay find, but still, ugh. Totally drapey yuck, and it smoshed my boobs so they looked like bloated pancakes. It was disgusting. At least the snow gave me good reason to layer up and hide the effect.

This is going straight into the charity bag. I just cannot get why it's cut to make any boobage look so, so disturbingly wrong. Blech.

Must make sure that I wear something happier again tomorrow.

Dress - eBay unknown
Wraparound cardi - H&M
Tights - Voodoo
Shoes - Clarks

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day Sixteen - humpday.

Feeling very subdued today, 'that' time. Middle of the month, waiting for things to pick up and perk up. At least the dress is a shimmery satiny happy one.

Dress - Laura Lees for Topshop
Cardi - eBay
Shoes - TUK

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day Fifteen - Jump in a dress day.

I am so, so far ahead on the challenge for today. Here is my (10 year old) shot of me jumping in a dress...

Think this was the only time I wore a skirt that my hubby knew me before our wedding day. (From the age of 16-19) My BFF needed to do a series of shots for her Photography AS, and I got to be the victim subject. She gave me copies of this and other photos from our shared childhood on my 21st - Aww.

The jumping shot from today was taken by my (laughing and shaking) sister, on an iPhone in the middle of East Croydon station.

We went to go see The Tourist at the Cinema. Depp, Bettany and a bit of Sewell. Nom. Muse for the credits and a decent plot. Fun fun. Did a quick shop and grabbed 2 more skirts for a quid each at Primark. 

Felt a bit boring today when I looked in the mirror, but feeling a little delicate and wanting my jeans, so the jeans skirt helped me feel comfy even though it's not very fun/dressy.

Chucking on my hot pink chunky shoes helped me feel a bit less doom and gloom. Haven't worn them since 2004/2005, heels and platforms were put away while I was carrying babies.

Skirt, Top and Leggings - TU
Stripey top - H&M
Shoes - Roxy

Day Fourteen - No energy, lights out.

Woke with the migraine that threatened the second half of my Monday. Absolutely no energy to drag myself anywhere, and felt like turning inside out when I opened my eyes. Left the bathroom in my dressing gown and wandered back to bed.

Spent from 8am-4pm attempting to doze and praying for the cocktail of drugs to kick in. Very thankful for the ridiculously heavy fire door seperating the noise of the Yeti and Halflings from my swollen brain.

Finally felt more human and able to talk at around 4.30, so left my hole and went to find civilisation.

Then we had a powercut. Cue lots of swishing and lighting candles while wearing my ball gown. By 7pm it was obvious that it was not going to be 15-30mins. So I ended up trotting down the hill with my daughters. Went to steal some leccy to charge our mobiles.

A day of having no energy and being unable to turn the lights on. Fun.

Dress - Cherlone
Cardi - eBay
scarf - M&S
matchy matchy halflings - Yeti/Pixie Productions.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Day Thirteen - day trip to London

Went to a slingmeet at the Royal Festival Hall this morning, then went for a mooch about Whithall to grab lunch before heading over to the Natural History Museum. Not a long dress/skirt day. So I used the poofy peach dress from day three but put another peachy floaty skirt over the top. Means it's not strictly a repeat *and* I was warm.

Met Elaine, another Dressemberer at the slingmeet, wearing a fab dress that was hollering 90s Seattle. So Kinderwhore ^_^ There were a bunch of graduating students floating about the sunken ballroom, and there was a display of several mannequins in vintagey dresses. Wibbly picture of us (and Elaines smallest) with the dresses (and a bear head), courtesy of the 5 year old.

 Photo is geainy and blugh, but I was shattered and needed to do dinner/bedtimes and so this is what we got - had to mess with the shadows/highlights to pick up the beading on the skirt so it's clear this is NOT a repeat! Okay? NOT a repeat.

Dress & Skirt - Primark
Leggings - Next
Wraparound cardi - H&M

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday, Dressember 12th, 2010.

I awoke early, to feel myself being picked up and moved. Outside, into the cold. A few steps and then thrown onto the hard cold slab of a patio. Ouch.

A few hours later I heard a mans voice 'What's that? On a Sunday? Ugh, it'll be Joys..' I was picked up, again, and braced myself for another dumping. This time though I was put down, carefully. On to a soft piece of furniture. *I was inside a house. Inside* I began to feel a spark of hope. Another hour or two and I was ripped out of my daydream, and bag.

"Whoot, it is the ball gown. Must've been delivered to the main building!" Oh relief. It was just a misdelivery.

I was brought out of the inner bag and my stole removed. Turned out properly and given a few minutes to breathe.

Then I was being tried on - finally! And thank goodness she'd showered. It seemed a little early on a Sunday for her to be putting me on, with heels. And a wig? But no make up, no jewellery. This all felt a little strange. I was reminded of conversations I'd overheard about costume/dress-up clothes for children. But this was no child, although she was rather short.

Then, and I am not sure that I'll be able to share the full ordeal, the hell began. After an hour or so I would long for my bag-coffin. Here's a slideshow, so you can see for yourselves the horrors I suffered...

She washed up pots and pans. She cooked - ON THE HOB, WITH SAUCE!. She sorted the refuse and recycling. She cleaned the bathroom AND TOILET. All with me on. AGGGHHHHH.

Day Twelve - blokey dressember

December 12th-14th.
Yes, for those males that have not yet joined the ranks we have a special dedication - dressnap! We get them to put on a dress and have their photo taken - or, if you don't have a victim <ahem> we meant volunteer, just put a dolls dress on your cat, or a childs dress on your dog.

 I don't have a cat or dog.. and couldn't think how to get a dress on a sea-monkey. My hubby would not be facebook-ed in a dress while sober, and at 6'5 is way too long for any of my short-ass dresses. Closest he'd get was to 'wear' one of the twins' nightdresses last night. On his head. :/

Eldest son though, is always up for a giggle, found this dress 'fit' ok, and had a rummage through my stuff to find shoes and 'another thing to make it all pretty'.

Oh, and my Ball gown arrived today. Must've been dropped at the main lobby yesterday. *sigh* The Dressember crew have decided to extend 'ball gown day' to ball gown week though, so I'll be able to join in still. Today has been a homebody day, going out to the local for a quiet couple of drinks this evening. All a bit slobby/comfy. Like it.

Vest, Jumper dress and Leggings - TU
Shirt - H&M
Belt - eBay

Saturday, 11 Dressember, 2010.

'You shall go to the Ball!' said the courier. Despite the ice, and the 8-10 day delivery frame I was out of the warehouse and on the road within 48 hours.

Folded inside out and stuffed into a dark airless bag.  - A plastic bag! Can you believe the nerve! I'm a BALL GOWN! - I felt myself being removed from the van full of other bags and boxes, and walked into a warmer area. There was no ringing of a bell, or knocking of a door. I heard no voices during the exchange. It was only after a few minutes I realised that I had been abandoned.

I waited. For hours.

No-one came. I heard footsteps and muted conversations behind doors. I felt myself being jostled about, but I was left behind each time.

I gave up, and drifted away to dream dreams of swirly dances and being splashed with wine...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day Eleven - ballgown/prom dress day

My eBay find Cherlone has not arrived yet *sob*, so I will wait until next weekend to do the weekly shop in it.

Today was an OK one, I like poofy skirted dresses.

Keep having to come back and look at this pic, it's weird. I swear there was no plank in the front of the cardigan 0_0

Dress - Primark
Cardi, again - eBay
Leggings - Next
Shoes - Topshop

Friday, 10 December 2010

matchy matchy

I really don't have that talent / an eye for putting an outfit together. The identical twin daughters aside, most of what comes from me just doesn't match. But look what we (the girls) remembered.. I have a shawl that matches todays skirt.

I bought it because of it's size and shape. At something like £6 it was (to me) an obvious bargain of a wraparound baby carrier. I love babywearing, and have quite a stash of different carriers (not as extensive/terrifying as it once was, but bigger than most I guess).. All of my children have been regularly carried from birth until they are able to walk everywhere. I can take my eldest out alone without thinking to take a back up carrier, but otherwise I take at least one with me.

Still, with the girls being Very Independent little creatures, I've not used a buggy for months (haven't had one in the house since the summer) and only wear them for using public transport or full days out.

We just had a bit of fun. Snuggly, matchy-matchy fun ^_^

Day Ten. Funeral clothes..

Still feeling a bit 'meh' when getting myself together of a morning. I'm really struggling to feel comfy/myself in any of the dresses/skirts. I miss my jeans. Still, plugging on with it, hoping to hit my stride again in a day or two.
The last time I wore this skirt and top combo was for my Grandads funeral, he'd said no black. So I wore no black.

Going to donate blood this evening, so had to wear something unrestrictive so they can stick me easily, and so I can get onto the guerney. At 5'3 I have to jump to get up there.

I've never been a fainting type, but would imagine a longer skirt has to be the better wardrobe option if I was going to.

Top - H&M
Skirt - Nomads
Vest and Leggings - TU
Boots - Ella

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day Nine. Thin, thin skirt.

Seriously, so thin. I felt truly cold and missed the warmth of trousers for the first time today. The tights were quite thin too, even thoush the colour isn't sheer. Brr. Not loving this skirt on either. Because of my (lack of) height, it falls in the no-mans land of my lower leg. Too short and too long. Bit longer and I could make it all boho, bit shorter and it might look cute.

Whatever, it kept my arse covered for the day. Job done.

Top - H&M
Hoody - Market stall
Skirt - Oh, Primark - I bought this the first ever time I went into one.
Tights - M&S
Hi-tops - Converse all star. 

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day Eight. Saved by eBay.

Still felt very blech about myself in dresses after yesterday. Feeling that I'm in such bad shape, I shouldn't bother caring, etc etc. Post arrived, including a dress I got on eBay for 49p. I LURVE it. Big poofy foofy skirt with netting and petticoat sewn in underneath. Ditsy floral print and FUN. Chucked a cardi and belt on and slipped into some bargainous (also eBay) heels and felt a LOT better about things.

With no tights it got a bit chilly even just around the house, so I left my 3/4 leggings on for a bit. Very Shabby, not so Chic.

Dress - eBay - dunno where from, label cut out. Looks Primark-y though.
Cardi - eBay
Belt - eBay (see a theme here?)
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Clarks
Necklace - Snuggle n Snooze

Way too snowy to go out like that though. The chances of slipping on the ice (again) and landing on my bum was silly high in those heels too. So I went and dug out some wooly tights and yeti boots.

Hat & Tights both H&M
Boots - Ella

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day Seven. Pout.

Today was a fail day. Hair was being beyond bitchy. I spent much of the day in a hat/wig. It's a horrible length, looks like boy emo hair. Not in a cute way, but a WTF, that's Rough way. *sigh*

Spent the day inside, houseworking/feeling rough/hating my reflection. So to lift my spirits I put on a gorgeous flattering dress make things worse I dragged out a hideous boob-splattering belly bulge indulging evil thing masquerading as a dress.

Have never felt happier to change into PJs. Compared to this dress my shorts and band tee look so hot. Blech.

The dress is now sat ready to be cut up and used for patching the kids playground clothes. I'm not sure it even deserves that though.

Dress - cannot remember where, it's horrid so meh, who cares?
Shirt - M&S
Hair - Not mine.
This dress doesn't deserve shoes.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Day Six. Eclipse :)

Dressember totally eclipsed by the release of the newest Twilight film on DVD.

Oh, and new shoes too. A pair of duck egg blue Mary Janes. Gorgeous.

Threw on a skirt to go with the heels and headed out for an evening of watching wolfy boys :)

Cardi - eBay.
Top - H&M.
Skirt - boutique at Vilamoura Marina, Portugal.
Shoes - Topshop.

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day Five. Sunday, Slumday.

Really fighting a case of CBA today. Dragged myself out of bed, eventually and really *really* wanted to pull the dressing gown = a dress card. But the Yeti is enjoying dressember far too much to let me get away with that, so I was shooed out of the bathroom to go get skirty.

Snow's almost gone outside, so I can probably even think about moving away from leggings soon.. bring on the tights and dolly shoes!

Feeling more perky now, I've had a cuppa and I've got a slinky shimmery coral dress*and* a lumpy cosy jumper on. So both sides of me are satisfied. Oooh, and the Dressember info page on Facebook has some exciting new news too. Events!! Ballgown day, dress your boys day and Wedding dress day for starters! No way I'm going to fit into my dress.. but I'll try it on for a giggle :)

The nekkid toddler behind me here, was begging for me to open up the dress box again - is she the youngest member of Dressember?

Jumper & Leggings - TU (I have a crush on Sainsburys..)
Dress - Next
Belt - eBay
Boots - Ella

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day Four - skirts and shovels.

Dress, skirt, dress, skirt...

First time I've EVER worn a skirt to an interview before. Granted, this was a phone interview, for a temp job next spring.. but I was stood in my garden, with a cuppa in one hand chattering away about my availability while wearing heels and a skirt. Odd. Just odd.

Went by car, (eeek) to do our 4 days late weekly shop. Had to shovel the car out as my dad tried to get into our drive (sooo not happening yet) and then had the fun, fun experience of navigating Sainsburys slushy icy carpark with a heavy wonky-wheeled trolley.

At least my skirt got lots of swishing time in as I jumped over puddles and zipped about the aisles. ;)

Scarf - M&S
Hoody - New Look
Top - H&M
Skirt - Primark
Tights - ?? but they are very thick, I love them.
Boots - Sugar

Friday, 3 December 2010

Day Three. Baileys and puffy dresses.

Friday, puffy party dress day! The girls decided to join in too, finding a couple of dresses from the box of summer clothes and coming to have their pictures done with me.

They seem to have inherited their mothers <s>dodgy</s> quirky 'style' the three of us just grabbing whatever took our fancy and not stopping until the majority of flesh is covered.. Anya decided on a below-the-knee dress, petticoat, bolero shrug, legwarmers and mary janes while her sister grabbed a tunic dress, 3 pairs of legwarmers and black boots. They were warm, and happy...

Dress - Primark
Shirt - Primark
Leggings - more TU
& metallic purple DMs (my 17th birthday pressie from the hubby)

Snow has finally stopped, but it's still quite deep - we had to sweep out the front door/gate area so I could open it to get out. My sister and I got brave and walked, in our puffy prom dresses, the couple miles to our nearest supermarket to find bread and milk.

Eeek, I'm so short and round.. but, in the froofy dress of yellow I got asked for ID when buying our Baileys. Cue me grinning like the Cheshire cat. Got a few odd looks wondering about in our frocks and wellies, but we were warm, and had no soggy trouser-bottoms to sort when we got in. So ner-ner laughing dude *blows raspberry*

Dress - Maternity boutique place in Leicester (I think)
Belt & Cardi - eBay
(other stuff as above)