Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day Fourteen - No energy, lights out.

Woke with the migraine that threatened the second half of my Monday. Absolutely no energy to drag myself anywhere, and felt like turning inside out when I opened my eyes. Left the bathroom in my dressing gown and wandered back to bed.

Spent from 8am-4pm attempting to doze and praying for the cocktail of drugs to kick in. Very thankful for the ridiculously heavy fire door seperating the noise of the Yeti and Halflings from my swollen brain.

Finally felt more human and able to talk at around 4.30, so left my hole and went to find civilisation.

Then we had a powercut. Cue lots of swishing and lighting candles while wearing my ball gown. By 7pm it was obvious that it was not going to be 15-30mins. So I ended up trotting down the hill with my daughters. Went to steal some leccy to charge our mobiles.

A day of having no energy and being unable to turn the lights on. Fun.

Dress - Cherlone
Cardi - eBay
scarf - M&S
matchy matchy halflings - Yeti/Pixie Productions.

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