Sunday, 19 December 2010

Day Eighteen - Snow Ball

A husband who is a bit reckless.
A father who is a bit boyish about snow.
A ball gown.
A challenge.

Today we took the halflings sledding. The girls had never been before, but were determined to go this year. Last year I kept falling off. I know why now - I was missing the skirts.

So, so cold. Even with 2 pairs of husbands joggers underneath. Bulk aside, I am pretty sure I was the best dressed sledder in the park.

 Dress - Cherlone 
Top - TU
Hat/Scarf - H&M
Gloves - halloween leftovers
Boots - Ella
Sled & Canine companion - my dad's

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  1. Well, I think those pictures are bloody fantastic. Thank you Joy!