Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Day Fifteen - Jump in a dress day.

I am so, so far ahead on the challenge for today. Here is my (10 year old) shot of me jumping in a dress...

Think this was the only time I wore a skirt that my hubby knew me before our wedding day. (From the age of 16-19) My BFF needed to do a series of shots for her Photography AS, and I got to be the victim subject. She gave me copies of this and other photos from our shared childhood on my 21st - Aww.

The jumping shot from today was taken by my (laughing and shaking) sister, on an iPhone in the middle of East Croydon station.

We went to go see The Tourist at the Cinema. Depp, Bettany and a bit of Sewell. Nom. Muse for the credits and a decent plot. Fun fun. Did a quick shop and grabbed 2 more skirts for a quid each at Primark. 

Felt a bit boring today when I looked in the mirror, but feeling a little delicate and wanting my jeans, so the jeans skirt helped me feel comfy even though it's not very fun/dressy.

Chucking on my hot pink chunky shoes helped me feel a bit less doom and gloom. Haven't worn them since 2004/2005, heels and platforms were put away while I was carrying babies.

Skirt, Top and Leggings - TU
Stripey top - H&M
Shoes - Roxy

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