Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day Five. Sunday, Slumday.

Really fighting a case of CBA today. Dragged myself out of bed, eventually and really *really* wanted to pull the dressing gown = a dress card. But the Yeti is enjoying dressember far too much to let me get away with that, so I was shooed out of the bathroom to go get skirty.

Snow's almost gone outside, so I can probably even think about moving away from leggings soon.. bring on the tights and dolly shoes!

Feeling more perky now, I've had a cuppa and I've got a slinky shimmery coral dress*and* a lumpy cosy jumper on. So both sides of me are satisfied. Oooh, and the Dressember info page on Facebook has some exciting new news too. Events!! Ballgown day, dress your boys day and Wedding dress day for starters! No way I'm going to fit into my dress.. but I'll try it on for a giggle :)

The nekkid toddler behind me here, was begging for me to open up the dress box again - is she the youngest member of Dressember?

Jumper & Leggings - TU (I have a crush on Sainsburys..)
Dress - Next
Belt - eBay
Boots - Ella

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