Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day one. Like Moss.

Less like the skinny Croydon-bred supermodel (though I fit one third of that description) and more like the damp fuzzy thing that hangs over stuff. Need to spend some time in the tub de-fuzzing before I break out the tights (bare legs wouldn't be happening anyway in this weather!)

So greens and blacks it is. And now I want chocolate.

Those that know what they're doing seem to have catalogued where they bought each item of their (much more extensive than my) wardrobe(s) and share the information here, I am going to attempt to do the same but please, please take note that these footnotes would make my Uni Lecturers weep at the energy they wasted trying to teach me to do this...
Boots - Sugar (thanks for the reminder/confirmation Bec)
Leggings - warm. Not holey. According to label TU (Sainsburys?)
Dress - cut label out, it was itchy.
Cardigan - New Look. (When did I go there??)
Hat - a street vendor somewhere. Or the garden centre possibly.

1 comment:

  1. I like the dress....very cute. I want snow....can you send some my way?