Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day Seven. Pout.

Today was a fail day. Hair was being beyond bitchy. I spent much of the day in a hat/wig. It's a horrible length, looks like boy emo hair. Not in a cute way, but a WTF, that's Rough way. *sigh*

Spent the day inside, houseworking/feeling rough/hating my reflection. So to lift my spirits I put on a gorgeous flattering dress make things worse I dragged out a hideous boob-splattering belly bulge indulging evil thing masquerading as a dress.

Have never felt happier to change into PJs. Compared to this dress my shorts and band tee look so hot. Blech.

The dress is now sat ready to be cut up and used for patching the kids playground clothes. I'm not sure it even deserves that though.

Dress - cannot remember where, it's horrid so meh, who cares?
Shirt - M&S
Hair - Not mine.
This dress doesn't deserve shoes.


  1. Oh dear!
    Tommorow is a new day? At least you wore a dress and are on track for dressember! And now you know what style to avoid ;-)
    I'm gutted that I'm out of leggings and tights so am gonna have to wear jeans underneath tomorrow, and I don't have skinny jeans or anything either... :-/

  2. I think I need to go find some patterned tights/more leggings soon.
    I am so, so tempted to burn this thing. Yes, I'm on track I suppose. Only good point for today, lol.