Monday, 13 December 2010

Day Thirteen - day trip to London

Went to a slingmeet at the Royal Festival Hall this morning, then went for a mooch about Whithall to grab lunch before heading over to the Natural History Museum. Not a long dress/skirt day. So I used the poofy peach dress from day three but put another peachy floaty skirt over the top. Means it's not strictly a repeat *and* I was warm.

Met Elaine, another Dressemberer at the slingmeet, wearing a fab dress that was hollering 90s Seattle. So Kinderwhore ^_^ There were a bunch of graduating students floating about the sunken ballroom, and there was a display of several mannequins in vintagey dresses. Wibbly picture of us (and Elaines smallest) with the dresses (and a bear head), courtesy of the 5 year old.

 Photo is geainy and blugh, but I was shattered and needed to do dinner/bedtimes and so this is what we got - had to mess with the shadows/highlights to pick up the beading on the skirt so it's clear this is NOT a repeat! Okay? NOT a repeat.

Dress & Skirt - Primark
Leggings - Next
Wraparound cardi - H&M


  1. LOL not a repeat, gotcha.
    And I >need< poofy skirts like that. *pout* *sulk*

  2. Primark, though I feel a bit sickened going there, usually have dresses knocked down to a fiver, skirts £3 or less sometimes.
    Lots of froofy poofy stuff there ATM.