Friday, 3 December 2010

Day Three. Baileys and puffy dresses.

Friday, puffy party dress day! The girls decided to join in too, finding a couple of dresses from the box of summer clothes and coming to have their pictures done with me.

They seem to have inherited their mothers <s>dodgy</s> quirky 'style' the three of us just grabbing whatever took our fancy and not stopping until the majority of flesh is covered.. Anya decided on a below-the-knee dress, petticoat, bolero shrug, legwarmers and mary janes while her sister grabbed a tunic dress, 3 pairs of legwarmers and black boots. They were warm, and happy...

Dress - Primark
Shirt - Primark
Leggings - more TU
& metallic purple DMs (my 17th birthday pressie from the hubby)

Snow has finally stopped, but it's still quite deep - we had to sweep out the front door/gate area so I could open it to get out. My sister and I got brave and walked, in our puffy prom dresses, the couple miles to our nearest supermarket to find bread and milk.

Eeek, I'm so short and round.. but, in the froofy dress of yellow I got asked for ID when buying our Baileys. Cue me grinning like the Cheshire cat. Got a few odd looks wondering about in our frocks and wellies, but we were warm, and had no soggy trouser-bottoms to sort when we got in. So ner-ner laughing dude *blows raspberry*

Dress - Maternity boutique place in Leicester (I think)
Belt & Cardi - eBay
(other stuff as above)

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