Sunday, 12 December 2010

Day Twelve - blokey dressember

December 12th-14th.
Yes, for those males that have not yet joined the ranks we have a special dedication - dressnap! We get them to put on a dress and have their photo taken - or, if you don't have a victim <ahem> we meant volunteer, just put a dolls dress on your cat, or a childs dress on your dog.

 I don't have a cat or dog.. and couldn't think how to get a dress on a sea-monkey. My hubby would not be facebook-ed in a dress while sober, and at 6'5 is way too long for any of my short-ass dresses. Closest he'd get was to 'wear' one of the twins' nightdresses last night. On his head. :/

Eldest son though, is always up for a giggle, found this dress 'fit' ok, and had a rummage through my stuff to find shoes and 'another thing to make it all pretty'.

Oh, and my Ball gown arrived today. Must've been dropped at the main lobby yesterday. *sigh* The Dressember crew have decided to extend 'ball gown day' to ball gown week though, so I'll be able to join in still. Today has been a homebody day, going out to the local for a quiet couple of drinks this evening. All a bit slobby/comfy. Like it.

Vest, Jumper dress and Leggings - TU
Shirt - H&M
Belt - eBay

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