Monday, 20 December 2010

Day Twenty - snowball, puffball..

Seriously, 20?! How did we get here? How have I worn 20 skirts/dresses in the last 3 weeks? That's more dresses than I've worn before in living memory, I'm certain. Kids were busily chattering away about 20 being 10 and 10, as they opened their calendars this morning. "Two Tens is like two grown ups. BIG numbers." That's how many dresses. So many that dressember has seen me become a grown up.

Still snowy, so snowy that Blockbuster are letting me keep my rentals for an extra 2 nights fee-free. THAT snowy. Been a homebody today. Dyeing fringe, cleaning bathroom, and sorting the refuse/recycling. Chucked on some thick tights and a puffball skirt to do it in.

A snakeskin effect puffball skirt. Could I be embracing the idea of trying new stuff any more? I'm hugging it so hard, it can't breathe!

Skirt & Cardi - Primark
Top & Tights - H&M
Boots - Sugar

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