Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day Twenty Two - twirling day

and I've failed to twirl in front of camera. Had the Mr been about to capture my whirlyness, I still would've sucked cos today's dress is as unswirly as a dress can be while not being fitted.

In fact I kinda hate this one, it forces me out of my denial bubble and shows every single lump. If potatoes came in floral patterned sacks....

Indoors day cleaning before doing the last food shop pre-chrimbo. Am out tonight but chucked on some linen trousers under a tee dress. Might find a twirl bar and a coffee and get a pic ;)

Dress - ASOS
Top & Tights - H&M
Belt - eBay
Boots - Sugar
WTF am I wearing? Face - Model's own.

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