Thursday, 2 December 2010

Day Two. Nurse-a-thon.

Think it must be the central heating being on so much, but the girls are THIRSTY! Had me up late last night, and had to bribe them away from the boobs with the promise of their advent calendars at breakfast.

So today is a skirt/top combo day. All my skirts I've bought in the recent past (read - since 2006) are fairly short, as I realised running around after 4 smalls was not long skirt work. Now the kids are a little less likely to need me to do the splits while running, I guess I can wear swishy stuff again.

Rummaged through my 'put away' bag, full of clothes I bought in my late teens before pregnancy changed my body and babies changed my lifestyle. And found several bizarre funky skirts.

Grabbed the most elf-like one, it is snowing after all, and felt 100% better about myself to be wearing something I last wore aged around 17. BF top and two nursing necklaces later (bored teething toddler twins = ouchy)

Boots - over the knee - Sugar
Leggings - TU
Skirt - bought in 1990s from Gypsy Market, Quarteira, Portugal.
BF top - H&M
Bolero shrug - eBay

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