Friday, 10 December 2010

matchy matchy

I really don't have that talent / an eye for putting an outfit together. The identical twin daughters aside, most of what comes from me just doesn't match. But look what we (the girls) remembered.. I have a shawl that matches todays skirt.

I bought it because of it's size and shape. At something like £6 it was (to me) an obvious bargain of a wraparound baby carrier. I love babywearing, and have quite a stash of different carriers (not as extensive/terrifying as it once was, but bigger than most I guess).. All of my children have been regularly carried from birth until they are able to walk everywhere. I can take my eldest out alone without thinking to take a back up carrier, but otherwise I take at least one with me.

Still, with the girls being Very Independent little creatures, I've not used a buggy for months (haven't had one in the house since the summer) and only wear them for using public transport or full days out.

We just had a bit of fun. Snuggly, matchy-matchy fun ^_^

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