Sunday, 12 December 2010

Saturday, 11 Dressember, 2010.

'You shall go to the Ball!' said the courier. Despite the ice, and the 8-10 day delivery frame I was out of the warehouse and on the road within 48 hours.

Folded inside out and stuffed into a dark airless bag.  - A plastic bag! Can you believe the nerve! I'm a BALL GOWN! - I felt myself being removed from the van full of other bags and boxes, and walked into a warmer area. There was no ringing of a bell, or knocking of a door. I heard no voices during the exchange. It was only after a few minutes I realised that I had been abandoned.

I waited. For hours.

No-one came. I heard footsteps and muted conversations behind doors. I felt myself being jostled about, but I was left behind each time.

I gave up, and drifted away to dream dreams of swirly dances and being splashed with wine...

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