Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sunday, Dressember 12th, 2010.

I awoke early, to feel myself being picked up and moved. Outside, into the cold. A few steps and then thrown onto the hard cold slab of a patio. Ouch.

A few hours later I heard a mans voice 'What's that? On a Sunday? Ugh, it'll be Joys..' I was picked up, again, and braced myself for another dumping. This time though I was put down, carefully. On to a soft piece of furniture. *I was inside a house. Inside* I began to feel a spark of hope. Another hour or two and I was ripped out of my daydream, and bag.

"Whoot, it is the ball gown. Must've been delivered to the main building!" Oh relief. It was just a misdelivery.

I was brought out of the inner bag and my stole removed. Turned out properly and given a few minutes to breathe.

Then I was being tried on - finally! And thank goodness she'd showered. It seemed a little early on a Sunday for her to be putting me on, with heels. And a wig? But no make up, no jewellery. This all felt a little strange. I was reminded of conversations I'd overheard about costume/dress-up clothes for children. But this was no child, although she was rather short.

Then, and I am not sure that I'll be able to share the full ordeal, the hell began. After an hour or so I would long for my bag-coffin. Here's a slideshow, so you can see for yourselves the horrors I suffered...

She washed up pots and pans. She cooked - ON THE HOB, WITH SAUCE!. She sorted the refuse and recycling. She cleaned the bathroom AND TOILET. All with me on. AGGGHHHHH.

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