Friday, 28 January 2011

week 4 - all caught up.

Been a bit of a busy week. Sorting out Younger Sons' birthday stuffs (he was a bit too poorly last week to do more than cake and opening cards) we went for a day out to softplay and KFC (blugh, but they love it, and it's the second time I can remember them having it ever) - I felt less guilty for giving them fast food because with the 4 of them shattered after a full afternoon mad running about it took about an hour for them to eat.

I've had some fun of my own this week, getting my tongue re-pierced (on my to do list since it grew out in 2005) and a new piece of inky art on my shoulder (which I've plotted for 7 years). A bit ouchy and achey, but chuffed to have finally done these things I've been longing for.

Got plans up until next Thursday, except for today, so am mostly domestic-goddess-ing, and plotting a solitary mooch to the shops for essentials. But I am wearing a dress ^_^

Can't wear a bra at the moment, in case it upsets my inkbaby, so I'm wearing very loose floaty stuff.

I think I hate this dress, it makes me look like a bloated spatula. I cannot remember where it is from. Just checked when I wore it for Dressember and it appears it was a hateful mystery EXACTLY A MONTH AGO too. Spooky ugly dress.

week 3 - (21st Jan)

A fairly quiet day - spent with my mum and sister. Kids all over the worst of flu. I'd finally got back into eating properly and had dropped 10lbs inside 4 days.
Went to see my little sister trying on her wedding dress. She looks lush! Obviously can't put pics on the interwebs because it's all a Big Secret until the Big Day.

I wore the dress I wore day 1 of Dressember. Comfy easy black thing from Sainsburys that feels like joggers to wear, but looks nearly presentable. One I even wore out *before* I was converted by Dressember, to go have a lunch just me and the husbeast, from our Anniversary last summer.

I don't look so presentable here, because I am FREEZING to get these pictures, and changing clothes is hurty on my new baby tat. Babycham-alike hi-tops, the scraggy cardi I love and some leggings. Tada, dressed.

week 2 - (14th Jan)

OK - the week of Burlesque and cocktails. Wore several dresses but the *main* one was a cream short (short) one from Primark that I picked up at lunchtime deciding the Laura Lees I had on was too loved to be subjected to getting ruined by sitting on a dirty tube after getting hammered.
The £3 thing from Primark got to do it instead.The only thing I like about this one (cheap thin material, bad fit, nasty cut) aside from the birdies, is the back knot thing. Must see if I can find some I like with the back the same.


I owe this blog a couple of posts now. And a months worth of pictures. Must do it today. I have absolutely worn dresses all day each Friday. Will not go to sleep until I've caught up. Brownie promise.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Second coming

They're worth waiting for, eh? Right? I did frock, twice last week. Wednesday I was out all day and wore *2* dresses. Making a nifty wardrobe change in a loo at London Bridge.

Went to see The King's Speech at lunchtime, wearing the Laura Lees dress I wore on Dressember 16th, then dashed to get a train up to London to meet little sister's fiance and friend. Changed into something a lot less grown up in the loo outside the station, before walking along the river and up to Fleet St. Pub, dinner and cocktails *ah-may-zing cocktails* at Burlesque club, then pub again before stumbling home half cut. Good times ^_^

So yeh, I was a little pished and forgot about the old take a pic thing that day. That day was Wednesday. Friday, again, wore a dress. Went to council offices to whinge about their paperwork madness, went to chippy to buy food for family and friends because cooking was left too late, then had a few drinks. Friends left at 1-2am, and again, I forgot pics.

Today I put on the dress I wore last week, (as a top today, because it's *that* short) and remembered. I shall try to recreate what I wore when it was worn as a dress, but for now -

Sale rail Primark dress that fits like a glove that was sewn for a deformed giant who liked to show midriff, UNDER the hemline...

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday #1

I hadn't worn a dress all year. Good thing that after a whole week of trousery 2011, it's come around to the first Frocking Friday. Nasty rainy bleak day. My back is nearly dead - I seriously can barely lift a thing and walking for 10 minutes before crying. Not good. So I wore heels, in the wet, cold, dark and muddy January outdoorsness. Sensible. *roll eyes*

Last outing for this dress I hope, as I slim down through the wardrobe..

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Frocking Friday

Dressember 2010 is over. But none of us want to go cold turkey (had enough of that on Boxing Day) and so Frocking Friday is born.

Every week, to tide us over until next Dressember, we shall have a Frocking Friday.

52 dresses a day a week a year,at least. Every Friday a frock shall be worn, photographed and shared with the community. Please note: This is for dresses/frocks, not skirts. The bigger, the brighter, the slinkier and the more lovely the better. Let your dress reflect your inner goddess on the outisde.
Frocking Friday is on Facebook. ^_^

Happy New Year!!!

Starting as I mean to go on. Dressing to please myself, not hide myself. Thanks Dressember. Mwah.

Sisterhood is great.... Kahlua helps a bit too.

..... as does bubbly Rose!