Thursday, 20 January 2011

Second coming

They're worth waiting for, eh? Right? I did frock, twice last week. Wednesday I was out all day and wore *2* dresses. Making a nifty wardrobe change in a loo at London Bridge.

Went to see The King's Speech at lunchtime, wearing the Laura Lees dress I wore on Dressember 16th, then dashed to get a train up to London to meet little sister's fiance and friend. Changed into something a lot less grown up in the loo outside the station, before walking along the river and up to Fleet St. Pub, dinner and cocktails *ah-may-zing cocktails* at Burlesque club, then pub again before stumbling home half cut. Good times ^_^

So yeh, I was a little pished and forgot about the old take a pic thing that day. That day was Wednesday. Friday, again, wore a dress. Went to council offices to whinge about their paperwork madness, went to chippy to buy food for family and friends because cooking was left too late, then had a few drinks. Friends left at 1-2am, and again, I forgot pics.

Today I put on the dress I wore last week, (as a top today, because it's *that* short) and remembered. I shall try to recreate what I wore when it was worn as a dress, but for now -

Sale rail Primark dress that fits like a glove that was sewn for a deformed giant who liked to show midriff, UNDER the hemline...

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