Friday, 28 January 2011

week 3 - (21st Jan)

A fairly quiet day - spent with my mum and sister. Kids all over the worst of flu. I'd finally got back into eating properly and had dropped 10lbs inside 4 days.
Went to see my little sister trying on her wedding dress. She looks lush! Obviously can't put pics on the interwebs because it's all a Big Secret until the Big Day.

I wore the dress I wore day 1 of Dressember. Comfy easy black thing from Sainsburys that feels like joggers to wear, but looks nearly presentable. One I even wore out *before* I was converted by Dressember, to go have a lunch just me and the husbeast, from our Anniversary last summer.

I don't look so presentable here, because I am FREEZING to get these pictures, and changing clothes is hurty on my new baby tat. Babycham-alike hi-tops, the scraggy cardi I love and some leggings. Tada, dressed.

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