Friday, 28 January 2011

week 4 - all caught up.

Been a bit of a busy week. Sorting out Younger Sons' birthday stuffs (he was a bit too poorly last week to do more than cake and opening cards) we went for a day out to softplay and KFC (blugh, but they love it, and it's the second time I can remember them having it ever) - I felt less guilty for giving them fast food because with the 4 of them shattered after a full afternoon mad running about it took about an hour for them to eat.

I've had some fun of my own this week, getting my tongue re-pierced (on my to do list since it grew out in 2005) and a new piece of inky art on my shoulder (which I've plotted for 7 years). A bit ouchy and achey, but chuffed to have finally done these things I've been longing for.

Got plans up until next Thursday, except for today, so am mostly domestic-goddess-ing, and plotting a solitary mooch to the shops for essentials. But I am wearing a dress ^_^

Can't wear a bra at the moment, in case it upsets my inkbaby, so I'm wearing very loose floaty stuff.

I think I hate this dress, it makes me look like a bloated spatula. I cannot remember where it is from. Just checked when I wore it for Dressember and it appears it was a hateful mystery EXACTLY A MONTH AGO too. Spooky ugly dress.

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