Saturday, 3 September 2011

#2 Jeans skirt

Day two, and I'm pulling out stuff I don't love much for these early on days. I want to have an incentive to keep wearing skirts as I get trouser-withdrawals later on, and I'm stuck indoors anyway with poorly kids, may as well get the not-so-fun stuff worn out of sight, lol!

Todays skirt feels like a pair of jeans, comfort wise scores 9/10. It looks awful! Knee length, making my short legs look shorter!

Needed comfy today, as I did day 2 of the shred, and had serious ouchness, plus the kids are on tail end of some virus and just whiney and nursing LOADS.

Was warm enough to not need tights, and skirt worked for digging out our first ever homegrown spuds too, so not all bad! Did change into joggers for my evening run though :)

Skirt & Top both TU @ Sainos
Cardi - eBay

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