Saturday, 17 November 2012

Two weeks to go...

until Dressember 2012.

I've had a look through the last 2 years' dresses, and realised how much my wardrobe has changed.

I've regained and lost about 3 stone since last Dressember, and if I keep working out and eating like I have been, I'm hoping to be about 25lbs lighter at the end of 2012 than I was at the end of 2011.

A lot of clothes that made me feel less than awesome, or were too big, have gone off to charity. 30kgs since September in fact!

I have a party to go to on the 8th, and am having great fun deciding on a dress, whereas 2 years ago I'd have been really stumped as to what to wear.

I love dressembering, I love sorting through the wardrobe and seeing all the choices. Happy, happy, happy.