Friday, 7 December 2012

day 7, planting trees

Nice warm fleecy jumper dresses for the girls today. Are long awaited holly tree baby arrived, and so we went out to plant it, and to dress up our Spruce with decorations we'd found while cleaning.

(l-r) Anya - Dress & Boots - M&S
Maya - Dress - M&S, Shoes - Clarks
I'm away tomorrow overnight, so the girls picked out dresses for the next two days, ready to get their dad to do photos for them. I spent an hour packing away my burlesque-themed outfit for tomorrow, and picking out a dress for Sunday. Felt very odd to pack to go away and have *no* trousers whatsoever!!

Enjoyed wearing this dress today, it's so comfy, though not really winter-wear, I 'greyed' it up to the max. Subdued hawaii print FTW.
Dress -
Shoes & Leggings - TU
Cardi - eBay
frustrated hair pulling - not being able to find the right shawl for tomorrow....

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