About Dressember

On a cosy little forum on the interweb, a blogger shared an idea she'd had for challenging herself during the last month of 2010. Kinda inspired by the likes of Movember, December 1st marks the beginning of 'Dressember' - the challenge being to try ditching the jeans and t-shirts uniforms and wear a dress/skirt each day.

A few joined in, a Facebook group and page and a bit of Twitter spam later and we're off.

We're aiming to wear dresses as often as possible. Have fun wearing a cocktail dress of an evening for no reason other than it's Dressember. Chuck a skirt on to do the housework instead of joggers. Bundle up with tights/leggings and petticoats to do the school run. Zazz up your 'work' dress in different ways and avoid the trousers.

We're sharing photos on the page wall on Facebook (and our on walls) and there's also a blogroll to follow. We're all having a bit of fun, though there are a few fashionistas in the group to ask for advice, I am certainly NOT one!!

There are no hard and fast rules, it's a fun, group, month long dress up session. All playing in each others wardrobes via the 'net.  ^-^