About Septembergrrrl

I've blogged sporadically for a couple of years about my adventures in weightloss, family life, rediscovering myself as a 20 something.

Aside from compulsive eating and internet surfing I like to read (at the moment it's mostly online, mostly fanfic - tis what a mild case of Cullenitis and young children does to me), run with loud music in my headphones and dance in my kitchen as I bake. I like clothes, and shoes, and wigs, and make-up. I'm hardly fashion aware, but I do know what *I* like, and it makes me feel close enough to happy that I'll keep on as I am.

I don’t like socks, buttons or being told to go to bed. I’m a bit addicted to yoghurt, but would be a size zero if I had to exist on bananas. I home educate my 4 kids, and love learning. I am easily enraged, fiercely loyal and a procrastinator. My intentions are good, keeping my attention is a challenge. I was born at the end of September, though due in August. I’m stubborn, and I still don’t get out of bed without a fight. I didn't get up today until after 2pm. God bless snow days and easy going husbands.

My 'other' blog is over at http://incredibleshrinkingjoy.blogspot.com and is less painful than a slap in the face with a jellyfish.. so pop over and take a peek if you're bored enough. ^_^